Can You Still Sell Your House During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Can You Still Sell Your House During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Can you believe that what once was, has now changed for everyone. We are dealing with unprecedented times! Just last month we were firing on all cylinders, going on with our lives then COVID-19 came in and threw the world into a tail spin. While we all adapt to these changing times, people are wondering, Has everything just stopped in Real Estate? The short answer is no.
Being a part of the solution, we are working from home, consulting, learning, and helping people who are concerned about the future. Adapting is what we do. Mayflower Group is dedicated to helping you with all of your real estate needs even while social distancing. Below are some of the questions we’ve been asked. If you have any other questions, we are happy to answer them too. Please reach out to me today at 951-294-5013.

Can you still sell your house during the coronavirus pandemic?

Absolutely! Both Retail and Investment properties are being sold, on traditional markets and with direct home buyers. Buyers usually go online to search for homes, and right now they have more time to do it! Many sites are reporting higher than normal traffic.

What if I need to sell right away?

This is where we shine. If you were stuck in a difficult situation before all of this started, like Pre-Foreclosure, inherited property, buying another home, or just needing to sell, we completely understand, and will do everything we can to get the house sold quickly, and for a great price! We’ve spoken to people that simply just need some guidance.

How can Mayflower Group help me sell my house with everything going on?

Best to first, hop on a call to discuss your selling goals and your situation. We can even do a property walk through with your cell phone! By working together, we can keep the spread of the Corona Virus down, and still able to serve you, determine the value of your house, and help you sell it quickly.

Should I wait for the Coronavirus to be over before trying to sell my house?

No! Right now is a great time to sell. There is less competition! Many people are holding off, waiting to see what is going to happen. However, there are still people out there buying houses today! There is some pent up demand. Buyers are hungry for properties, and yours might be the one . Getting the started now, ensures you’ll be able to sell faster than those who wait.

Can I stay in the house until this is all over?

Great Question! You may be hesitant to sell right now because you don’t want to find somewhere else to live during this pandemic. We completely understand. If you need to stay in the home, we are more than happy to work with you. We are very flexible in our process and will do whatever we can to make it easy for you.

Tips From the CDC

While we want to serve our community, we also want people to remain safe and vigilant. The CDC continuously updates its information to keep people aware and protected from this awful virus. Reminder to continue washing your hands, avoid touching your face, and disinfect the common surfaces throughout the home. Most importantly, check in with your neighbors to make sure they are doing ok and have the supplies they need. We are all in this together!

If you have had to deal with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, either from being infected or not being able to work, we understand.  You may need to sell your house now more than ever. A difficult situation before, may now be more pronounced, and driving you to make tough decisions. Everyone on our team understands, and we are here for you. We’re prepared to help you with any challenging situation facing you. Please reach out to us at any time. (951) 294-5013

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