When we say “People Over Money” We Mean It.

Your situation is uniquely yours, and with the virus pandemic tossing the proverbial monkey wrench into the mix, we have seen how difficult situations can add up quickly. Our goal is to help with the complex decisions that sometimes must be made. The insurance company commercial that states “we know a thing or two, because we have seen a thing or two,” rings true with us. In all the time we have been meeting with home owners, not one story has been the same. There two items always present, People and Money.

What do we mean by that? The best way is to share some of our stories of how we helped past clients solve property issues.

Lake Elsinore: The couple wanted to move closer to family, and although they did not choose Mayflower Group initially, they did contact us again after the first company could not close. After they signed with Mayflower Group, we discovered some issues with title that was not known at the time. Nothing to serious, just need time to sort the title out. The couple moved out of state prior to closing, and while we were very near to closing, the husband needed to purchase steel toe shoes for his new job starting on Monday, and had no funds available since moving. I made them a personal promise that if not closed by Friday (It is Wednesday) that I would write them a check for $10,000. Well it did not close Friday by the 2:00pm deadline. Mayflower Group went to their bank, and deposited the 10K into their account. The home closed the following Tuesday, and Mayflower Group was made whole, while the client was able to start their new life. This is what we mean.

Wildomar: A home purchased from a seller, had a tenant in the home that understood the home was sold, and she needed to vacate the property. The term for the deal, was that the home would be vacant prior to closing. Well the tenant had no means to move, and also had 3 small dogs. To facilitate closing the property, we made an agreement for the young lady to find a place, and we would pay first month, and security if done in 30 days. She located a new place, and Mayflower Group followed through with our agreement, and the house closed that week.

San Jacinto: The seller had issues with family that was in the home, and wanted nothing to do with the family members. After the family member was removed from the home, we closed quickly to begin the rehab. The neighborhood was suffering from this property as it was the drug house in the area. The best feeling is when the neighbors come up and say thank you.

Mission Hills: Both Mom and Dad had passed away, and the family inherited the home with a very long term tenant in place. The tenant became difficult, and upon inspection of the property, the seller realized that the home was not even inhabitable. The wall heater was removed and on the floor. No heat. Several other issues made this property not something that the seller wanted to deal with. Mayflower Group took the home with the tenants, and made a deal for them to vacate the property in 30 days.

We want to make a deal with you!

When we make an offer to purchase, we strive to find a Win-Win situation for all. Because we are local and smaller. We are not bound up by company bureaucracy, so we can usually pay a little more, and you receive the best possible price for your house. Because we run our business with low overhead, were able to offer more than the other larger national home buying companies.


Our team will make the transition as easy as possible. We buy houses in the following markets.

Murrieta    Temecula    Corona    Moreno Valley    Riverside    Los Angeles Canyon Lake    Menifee    Romoland    Wildomar    Perris     Hemet     San Jacinto    Sun City    Lake Elsinore    Winchester  San Diego Homeland         

With integrity and compassion, our team will work directly with you to keep the process simple and uncomplicated as possible.  

Most importantly, we are upfront and honest. The primary goal is to help you first, and to buy second. When working  with us, we will be clear about what options are available for you. If selling to us is not your best option, we will tell you, and try to guide you in the best direction.

No Fee’s Ever

You will never pay any upfront fees, commissions, or closing costs. We will just make an offer, and that will be what you’ll get paid when the closing occurs. We’ll even cover your closing costs.

Honest and Ethical

Some home buying companies change up their offer when closing time comes, or delay the close to force your hand. Not us. We will pay what we offered you and pay you a fair value for you house. Not the bait and switch when the inspection team is sent out. You get our offer price, and that is it.

We are Local

We are not the big faceless companies you have seen advertised on billboards. We are local people that live and work in these communities. You get to meet me, and possibly one of our associates. We will do it safely too. Give me the opportunity to earn your business.

All of our services are FREE. There is never a charge or obligation to talk or consult with us.